Aspen High School Athletic Registration

Online Registration

Parents/Guardians: Please Complete the 2017 Fall Sports

Registration Process NOW.


Please read and follow the following steps to be completely registered for sports. 

 IMPORTANT: You are only registered once ALL steps are completed.


Step 1: Fill out and submit the Online Registration Form (includes all forms in one).

Step 2:  Athletes must have a current Athletic Sports Physical on file in the Athletic Office.  
Athletes cannot practice and/or compete until a current physical is on file in the Athletic Office.  
Physicals are good for 365 days from exact date of your last physical. You can get the blank Physical Form here.  

Step 3:  All athletes participating AHS Athletics will receive preseason ImPACT baseline testing.  

This test MUST be on file at the high school before the athlete can participate. This will be conducted by the AHS Athletic trainer. 

Step 4:  Bring the completed Physical Form to the Aspen High School Athletic Office by

NO LATER than Monday August 14th (Golf must be turned in by August 4th).

Step 5:  Pay your Athletic Fees by Credit Card. If your sport has tryouts (i.e. ice hockey), please wait until after tryouts and

have been completed to make your credit card payment. Some people may have paid earlier in the year for winter sports.

Step 6:   If you are transferring from another school please fill out the following CHSAA transfer forms:

(These must be on file in the AHS Athletic Office before you begin practice) and

Step 7:  Students that are not attending Aspen High School must meet with the AHS Athletic Director and provide

a high school transcript, a current class schedule and the name and contact information of your home school Athletic Department. 

You must also provide an up to date immunization record to the ASD health office.





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